Thursday, 19 April 2018

Beautiful Hydrangea die

Hello and welcome back!  This next set is called Beautiful Hydrangea and is it ever!  The die is a bit different in that the flowers cut and lift up to create the look of the Hydrangea without having to put in individual flowers.  It also comes with a lovely sentiment die that is just perfect for any occasion!  Don't forget to use the Pinit button at the bottom of each post to save any cards or die samples for later inspiration.  There is one final day of this blog launch and it all starts tomorrow morning at 6am.  It is all about the flowers tomorrow!  All for now, Sue x

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Curly Fern die

Hello there my crafty friends!   The second post of the day is dedicated to showing off the Curly Fern die set.  This finishing touches set has a right and left facing curly fern die so it is perfect for use with all your floral elements.  It can be easily nipped to make it smaller if need be too.  Shown here, it makes a lovely addition to the sides of your focal element as a useful accent for your flowers.  Leave a comment if you think this set is for you.  The final post of the day today is at 3pm (sorry just three posts today and tomorrow.)  I hope you can join us back here then as it is a real stunner!  All for now, Sue x

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Climbing Floral Vine

Hi there my crafty friends!  We have reached the final two days of the launch and these will both be shorter days with only three posts per day.  For the start of the penultimate day, I would like to share the Climbing Floral Vine with you.  This die adds a lovely floral detail to your cards and can be used as a border, a focal element or even a background as I have done here.  It is easily snipped into smaller bits and can be used as an accent die too.  I think you will find yourself reaching for this one quite a bit!  Leave your comment here if this is one you would like a chance to win.  The next post will be online at 12 noon today.  All for now, Sue x

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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Petite Butterflies

Hi bloggers!  The final post today is dedicated to the Petite Butterflies die set.  The set has been designed with six small butterflies of varying sizes, perfect for an accent on any card. You can see two of the designs on this sample card.  There is even a side view butterfly which looks amazing resting on any floral element.  It's a small set, but it will be a perfect go to when you just need a little something!  Add a comment on this post to enter your name into the drawing to win this one.  The next day's dies start here at 6am.  I hope to see that you have been by the blog!   All for now,
Sue x

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Squared Squares Noble die set

Hello there my crafty friends!  I think you are really going to like the new Squared Squares Noble die set.  This set is unique to anything I have ever designed.  It only cuts into the paper, there are no cutting edges added.  However, it has been designed to work in conjunction with both sets of the Double Pierced Noble Squares or you can use a paper cutter to cut the outside lines.  Every other die in the set works with the original Double Pierced Noble Squares and the other half of the work with the B set, it just alternates from set to set.  I have used the Double Pierced Square sets to cut the edges on the card sample shown so you can see that you will still get the piercing around the frames if you do.  If you like this die set, just leave your comment here.  The last die set is at 6pm tonight.  All for now, Sue x


Hello crafters!  This post is dedicated to showing off the Sending Mini Expression die.  Again, I have used it with the coordinating clear stamp set called Big Ideas to add the rest of the sentiment (in this case, the "Birthday Wishes."  I just love having the large sentiment word to really grab your attention and doesn't it work well in the oval frame to fill up the top of the card.  There are just so many other stamps in the set that can be used with it too.  If you like this sentiment die, just leave a comment on this post ad you will be entered into this drawing.  That is the last of the mini expression dies for this release, but we have more great dies sets to showcase in the coming days.  The next one will be online at 3pm today.  I do hope that you will pop back by the blog to have a peek!  I think you will really like it!  All for now, Sue x

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Hi bloggers!  We are starting today with the Happy mini expression die.  I just love this bold and swirly Happy die, it is just so happy! LOL  It can be used with so many of your stamps and even other dies.  The style is to mix and match fonts these days so you can go mad with this one!  Shown here with the Garden Circle as the focal element, it just looks great as a bold sentiment to go with the stamped birthday wishes.  I'm sure anyone would love to receive a birthday card like this, don't you agree?  Leave your comment if you would like a chance to win it and join me back here at noon for the next post.  All for now, Sue x

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Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Hello crafters!  I did say that I had one more Fabulous mini expression die to share with you tonight... and I do!  The
Fabulous Mini Expression is just that, fabulous!  It is shown here with some of the stamps from the Big Ideas stamp set, but you can see how well it works with them!  It just says it all in a glance, with the bold styling and larger font, it really is a go to for finishing off your beautiful cards and projects.  If you would love a chance at taking this one home for free, just enter the drawing by leaving a comment on this post.  You just never know, someone has to win it so it might as well be you!  That's it for day number six, but we still have several more to go.  I have a few more mini expressions to share with you and we will start them at 6am.  All for now, Sue x

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Hello and welcome back!  The Congrats mini expressions die is more of a stand alone die than the others, but there are still quite a few sentiments in the Big Ideas stamp set that will work with it very well.  Shown here, I decided to allow it to say it all and paired it with one of the die sets already shown during the launch.  It is a lovely, highly readable font, that will surely be the focal element on any of your cards.  If this one appeals to you, then you know what to do!  I would love to hear what you think of the launch so far too.  There is still a bit more to come but I won't hold you to a favourite if you share it with me!  LOL  We have one more Fabulous  Mini expression to share with you today and it will be up on the blog at 6pm.  All for now, Sue x

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Hi crafters!  Next up we have the Love Mini Expression.  A great one for use for wedding, anniversary or Valentines day cards.  Shown here with the Big Ideas sentiments with it, it really does make a lovely elegant card.  Although it is a small word, it really does make a big impact, don't you agree?  You just need to leave a quick comment to be entered into the drawing to win it.  The next blog post will be online at 3pm today.  I would love to see you back here then.  All for now, Sue x

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Hello there my crafty friends!  Today is devoted to showing off the newest Mini Expression dies.  I have done something a bit different with these this time.  I have done all bold single words that work really well when paired with stamps.  There is a stamp set called Big Ideas that gives you loads of sentiments to go with these, or you can do as I have done with this samples and used portions of stamps already in my craft stash.  It is quite trendy to use bold words this way and I must say that I love it!  I have used bits from several of the new releases to create this card, but I just love the way it turned out.  The Wishing die is such a popular word for card sentiments and there are just so many phrases that can follow it to change it up for any particular card you might need.  Leave your comment on this post and hopefully you can pop back by at noon for post number two today.  All for now, Sue x

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Treat Yourself Cupcakes

Hi bloggers!  This is the final dessert related die set on offer.  It is called Treat Yourself Cupcakes!  I do like my desserts and cupcakes are really a guilty pleasure, but these haven't got any calories so no problem! LOL  The set has three sizes of cupcakes (or muffins even), a lovely border, a candle, and a great sentiment.  Shown here, you can see how the cupcakes can be cut in different colours in the larger sizes and assembled.  The fall away from the border makes great decoration for the cupcakes too!  Let me know what you think of this set or even if you have a favourite die set yet.  We are over the halfway mark now, but still have several more days to come.  I will be starting here at 6am with some of the new mini expression dies.  All for now, Sue x

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